15 Dec 2016

The Great AI Awakening : The New York Times

Lewis-Kraus has produced an insightful article detailing the recent success of Google Translate and how this was achieved through the Google Brain Project. The article discusses how Google has reorganised itself around A.I.  The article takes the reader through the theory and history of A.I and how Google has positioned themselves as A.I leaders or "A.I. first"


13 Dec 2016

Cognification: The Second Industrial Revolution

An enlightening talk by Kevin Kelly. He claims that one trend we can guarantee is that we are destined to make things smarter and smarter. We tend to think of intelligence as progressive, although this he claims is incorrect. Kelly believes intelligence is more like a 'symphony' suggesting there are different types of intelligence varying in strengths; variations of cognition exist. Where some types of smartness can be made greater than ours and others will not be. For example, the GPS is smarter than ourselves in getting to a location, as it is not thinking like humans. In the sense that, the GPS is consciousness free, and therefore not distracted as the human can be. Kelly states that 'AI is a new commodity' and the second industrial revolution is going to take X and add AI.